Fear the Real Monsters

Before joining The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones Fandom, and when I was just a mom of only one little, I'd been more of a flight than fight person.

However, when you have three (sometimes four) littles to protect—flight becomes a tad more difficult.

Since 2014, I've watched TWD and GOT's seasons so many times, that I wish a MF would!

Nowadays, anytime I feel in danger, I quickly evaluate what can be used as a weapon and what weak points are exposed on the person making me uncomfortable.

Yeah. I probably sound like a paranoid and violent person, but just like the unpredictable antagonist attacks in TWD or GOT—a parent never truly knows when they'll need to fight to protect their children.

Example: In February 2017, while at Target, a grimy and filth-covered man and girl tried to take my daughter, Ana, from my mega shopping cart (blog entry's photo).

While I searched for a new planner, my oldest son, Derrick, gazed at the wall of pens as Ana sat in the cart next to me. I could hear her but I had my back to her off-and-on for less than ten minutes … and that's all the suspicious pair needed.

One moment, I could hear my ‘lil lady being a cute toddler, just on a gibberish tangent, and then the next instant … the aisle grew silent and my motherly intuition kicked in.

I didn't even hear when the man and girl approached Ana … and not a day goes by that I don't contemplate what would have happened if I hadn't turned around before they had completely removed the shoulder straps from her cart seat.

Sadly, this is the world we're living in—where people have become a sought-after commodity that can be easily taken and sold.

As the days grow longer and warmer, and we spend more time out of our homes, please stay on alert while out with kids. Never naively assume that your community is safe, because it's not. Anyone, anywhere can become a victim of human trafficking, which is why I tend to stay off my phone when out and alone with my kids.

Unlike the creatures that cause fear in TWD and GOT, human traffickers are the real-life monsters, and all parents must always stay prepared to fight for their littles.

Krihstin Zink is a Texas-based wife, mama, product promoter and the bestselling author of Scarlet's Torment, Scarlet Unleashed, 3 Grams, Kate, and Scarlet Forever. When she's not adventuring with her family, or building her brand, she's concocting charismatic stories that keep her readers coming back for more. Her books and products are all available on her website. http://krihstinzink.wixsite.com/kzwrites

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